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The Ultimate Guide To Lower Back Exercises And Stretches

The lower back is a complex area that is often injured and can be difficult to rehabilitate. Not only can an injury to the lower back be incredibly painful, it can also lead to long-term problems if not properly rehabilitated. The Lower Back Exercise Guide is a comprehensive eBook that provides over 20 exercises and stretches designed to help rehabilitate the lower back, increase flexibility and strength in the area, and improve muscle control.

Here's What You Get Inside
'The Lower Back Exercise Guide'

  • 2 simple spinal mobilty exercises that you can do at home or on the go to increase your spine's range-of motion.
  • ​9 stretches for the lower back and related muscles groups that help to alleviate pain and increase flexibility in your spine.​
  • 8 essential core strengthening and stability exercises that can help you achieve a strong back and prevent recurring back injury
  • ​2 often neglected balance training exercises that can help with everything from muscle control to muscle recruiting patterns - all important for postural stability and function!​
  • ​A step-by-step process for performing the exercises, with instructions on how many reps and sets to do and when.

Here's What Others Have Said About Dr. Walter Salubro's Lower Back Exercise Guidance...

"I am a physiotherapist here in Malawi, Africa. I downloaded your book and read it through. The contents were do clear and easy to follow. When I started applying it on my clients, the results were overwhelming sir. Clients who could hardly perform their ADLs including driving returned to their usual work. I do recommend it for everyone who needs self help exercises for low back. I do really appreciate for your effort sir. May God bless you more as you continue reaching out to nations worldwide. Best Regards."
— Chandiwira (Certified Physiotherapist).

"Dr. Walter's eMook manual for lower back exercises...I find it great, as it is very comprehensive and a number of exercises to help the lower back stretch and strengthen. Very easy to understand and very well thought out. Being free too is a massive help to any person with back / spinal issues like myself. A great help to all in my opinion. Thank you Dr. Walter. Kind regards." —Michael ( London UK )

"The lower back exercises are great. They provide tremendous pain relief to the lower back especially after prolong driving. Additionally they provide better flexibility to the lower back. ... Thank you for making the exercises available to us, I appreciate all you do." — Dominic M., Colorado, USA.

"Respected Doctor. I have received your book regarding exercises for Disc Bulge of L4-L5-S1. Thanks for your kind cooperation. I am doing all these exercises and feeling better."
—Vijay K.

"I am in so much pain and after doing these 3 exercises I got instant relief. Thank you."
—Sally M.

"This is amazing. Thank you these exercises have helped my husband tremendously!!"
—Cynthia F.

"Thank you so much for these stretches. It really helps me relieve the pain from sciatica. I felt relieve the very next day!! I looked at many other [resources] showing different stretches but yours is the best. Thank you for taking your time to show us how to do the stretches." —G.P.

"Hello Doctor thank you for your guidance, these exercises are really helpful."
—Hussein A.

"After 4 physio visits which only temporarily relieved sciatica, these 3 stretches stopped the pain. Thank you so much for these videos." —Bernadette

"Bingo...after years of suffering these exercises...saved my life." —Tim F.

"I did those in the army..yes very effective indeed!" —David B.

"I shared this with my brother and he is hugely better today after doing these stretches. Thank you." —I.C.

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